Field Trip Day: The variety of a career as a home inspector

Getting my daughter out of bed in the morning has become quite a chore as she has gotten older.  The jovial morning person that was my young child has become a “tween”, and is now difficult to get going on school mornings.  Today, however was different: today is field trip day for her class.  She rose quickly, and was genuinely excited to get ready for school.  This provided me with a pleasant morning of memories, harkening back to my school days and recalling the days when my class would take field trips.  We were all excited to be leaving the classroom, enjoying an activity that would provide a break in the monotony that was the school day.  We relished the change in the routine, leaving the continual, unchanging drone of our lessons for the challenges that awaited us in an unknown world.  It almost seemed cruel to allow us to catch a glimpse of the possibilities of freedom, only to subject us to the reality of the repetition of our daily school lives when we returned to the classroom the next day.

For many people, this is the perfect parallel for their daily lives.  Many people go through their professional career, dreading returning to their jobs the next day.  There is even a phrase to describe our distaste for our jobs: the daily grind.  Most people are frustrated with going to the same office, pushing the same paperwork, interacting with the same people every day of their working lives.  And even if they have a job that they enjoy, the attitudes for their coworkers may cause them problems, poisoning their daily lives with the vitriol that often comes from other people that feel trapped in a life that they do not enjoy.  In my last career, working in the construction industry, I was in a similar situation.  I thoroughly enjoyed my work, and would go in to work each day with a positive attitude.  Unfortunately, the vast majority of my coworkers did not share my outlook, and in short order I would lose my daily dose of optimism, having been subjected to the drag of constant negative attitudes.

Fortunately for us, we lead a different life: the life of a home inspector.  One of my favorite things about a home inspection career is the fact that there is a constant change of scenery.  I am always in a different place, in a different house, dealing with different people.  And, for the most part, everyone is happy: both agents are happy, as they are making money; the buyers are happy, as they are getting a new home; the sellers are happy, unless there is a divorce involved (then one of them is probably happy) …  For the most part, it is a very rare occasion when I have to deal with someone that is an a**hole (please excuse my French).  However, I typically have to deal with the unhappy people for a few hours at the inspection, and then I never have to see them again.  For most of my daily business, I am in a unique situation with new and interesting people, and this helps to keep the job fresh.

While working for a living will always be work, and it will never top relaxing without a care in the world, being a home inspector is head and shoulders above the labor that the vast majority of us were performing prior to our inspection careers.  And while it can certainly be taxing at times, especially when its 150 degrees in a summertime attic and the Realtor is demanding to know how much longer you are going to be before you are finished, just remember that you are on a field trip every day of your working life.  I will leave you with a famous quote from Confucius, Chinese teacher, editor, politician and philosopher, who said “Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life.”

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