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CompuCram Home Inspection Exam Prep

One of the first major hurdles to becoming a licensed home inspector is taking the actual exam. Face it, most of us haven’t taken an exam in many years. What should we expect? How does this all work? What’s the best way to study for this? Check out CompuCram’s all-in-one exam prep system. Specifically designed to get you ready to pass your state or organization’s home inspection exam. National franchising company House Call Home Inspection has used this system to ready their inspectors since 2005. It gets you ready to pass the test the first time.

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Home Inspection Tools

There are so many different tools available to the Professional Home Inspector. How do you decide which ones are for you? Obviously, you must be aware of any local laws that may impact you, as some states have laws mandating the minimum tools that you must carry on an inspection. Be sure you have at least the minimum required by law. Obviously, I’m going to recommend that you go above and beyond the minimum requirements. Always be prepared. It’s certainly better to have them and not need them than need them and not have them. Check out the list of tools that I always have handy on my inspections.

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Code Check Series Reference Guides

Being a home inspector is a difficult job. There are so many demands on our time and on our mind that it can be overwhelming. There is so much information to remember, and it doesn’t get any easier as we get older! Thankfully, the authors of the Code Check books feel our pain. With easy to understand reference materials, made to survive being stuck in your inspection bag, these guide books really help you out. After all, who can remember the proper span of a 2″ x 10″ Douglas Fir ceiling joist spaced 19.2″ on center? (BTW, it’s on page 7; 25′ 5″). Check out these inexpensive books to help you pass your inspection exam or keep you from scrambling for answers in the field.

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Home Inspection Software

As you venture out into your home inspection career, one of your first business decisions will be which software to purchase.  There are always many different software companies to choose from, and new ones are coming on the scene everyday.  It can be a little overwhelming for a new inspector.  How do you know which one to pick, when you haven’t even starting doing inspections yet?  Hopefully, this guide can provide you with some additional information to help the decision making process.

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Report Review Services

As professional home inspectors, your home inspection report stands out as the most important document that you produce in your business.  A well produced, quality report does many different things to help your business, and should not be considered an afterthought when you are performing inspections.  Let us provide an impartial third-party assessment of your inspection report, and offer tips on ways to improve your most important product.

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Please note:  I believe in transparency in all of my businesses, so I am disclosing that I may earn an affiliate commission on your purchases.  The goal with my sites and blogs is to educate you on the possibilities that exist in the home inspection industry, but please understand that I am doing this as a for-profit business, just as you should be running your business too, unless you are involved in some type of charitable endeavor.

This commission does not cost you any more money.  Please understand that I only recommend products and companies that I have personal experience with, and know for certain they can provide you with the resources to help make your business more successful.  This is more important than any small commission that I may receive if you decide to purchase one of these products.  Please do not purchase these products unless you are convinced that they will provide value to you and your business.

Understand that I have not been given any free or sample versions of these products in exchange for mentioning them on this site.  These are products that I have purchased and used in my business, and the only consideration is in the form of affiliate commission.

Please get in touch with me if you have any questions about this disclaimer.

Thanks and good luck!   Joseph Cook Jr