Code Check Books

I have found the Code Check series of books to be an unbelievable resource in my home inspection career.

I used them when I was first learning to be an inspector, as well as when I was studying to take the National Home Inspection Exam. The clear and structured information they provide is great for test prep.

I started my inspection career in 2001 and continue to use the Code Check books to this day. I proudly own one of each different product that Code Check offers.

I keep a copy of the combination flip-chart style book (above) in my inspection bag, for easy reference when I am unsure of something while at an inspection. I keep the individual books (electrical, plumbing, mechanical and building) next to my computer for easy reference whenever I am writing. And I keep a copy of the hard-cover book (below) on my nightstand for those evenings when I find it hard to fall asleep. After a page or two of reading codes, I’m usually sound asleep!

Be sure to search for the most up-to-date versions of the Code Check books when you purchase. You can save a few dollars by purchasing an older version, but it’s always a good idea to use the most current version as your reference tool.