I Didn’t Get Picked

So, we didn’t get picked for that job.

It happens.

A lot.

There are lots more inspection going on out there that the number that we’re doing.

So, why didn’t we get picked for that one?

Maybe they didn’t see us; they don’t even know that we exist.

Maybe they didn’t like us, our appearance, our vibe, our demeanor, the cut of our jib.

Maybe our story didn’t resonate with them; they didn’t like what we’re putting out there.

Whatever the reason, it’s up to us to figure out what it is and do something about it.

If they didn’t see us, they don’t even know that our company exists, how do we go about improving our reach?

If we don’t come across as likeable, trustworthy, or professional, what steps do we take to subtly enhance our allure?

If our story doesn’t cut it, where do we make changes in the ways that potential clients perceive our story?

How can we make those same clients understand what it is that we stand for?

So what?

So, we didn’t get picked.

That just means we’ve gathered more data that we can put to good use, to make sure we get picked the next time.

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