Turning Your Business Around

If you found a book with the names and phone numbers of everyone who was getting ready to buy a house this week, would it suddenly turn your home inspection business around? If you phoned each person and told them that you’d found their information and wanted to provide them a service, would that make them any more likely to hire you?

In most cases, access to data isn’t really worth much without a trusted relationship.

The data’s not the problem anymore. The worldwide interconnection of the internet took care of that problem. We’ve all got access to everything and everyone, right in the palm of our hand.

It’s the relationships that still make or break our business.

And while we can certainly utilize the connections of the internet to help develop relationships, the fact that we can instantly reach someone doesn’t mean that they’ll trust us.

Building trust takes time. It doesn’t happen overnight.

Even if someone told you they’d figured out a way around it, developed a system to build trust instantly, would you trust them?

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