Making the Best Choice

Recently we were trying to figure out where to eat dinner on a Saturday night. It seems like we had our choice of many really inexpensive spots (also known as not so appetizing) and lots of really expensive places, with not so many options in between.

Lots of things in life come down to this type of “one or the other” decision, including the type of business that we’re trying to run.

There are lots of customers on one side of the graph, looking for the cheapest option available, quality be damned. And there are customers on the other end of the chart, looking for the best quality out there, with little regard to cost (and a few clients hanging out somewhere in the middle).

Our job is to figure out exactly where we want to position ourselves on this continuum.

Do we battle it out with the masses at the cheap end of the spectrum, always worried that someone else is going to undercut our already low prices, or do we shoot for the moon, present ourselves as the authority, and charge accordingly?

It’s our choice.

Choose wisely.

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