Throwing in the Towel

Many people talk to themselves. It’s a pretty common thing to engage in self-dialogue. It’s a predictable way to work things out, and most people expect that it’s going to help them work through their difficult decisions. What’s not expected, though, is for a voice to come out of nowhere and answer us when we’re talking. That may be a problem.

So, in this situation, we’re OK with the idea of putting something out there but not getting a reply.

In our business, however, not getting a response conjures up a whole different set of issues.

We fret.

We worry.

We start to doubt ourselves.

We wonder if we’re doing the right thing.

We debate on whether or not we should cheapen our offering, dumb down our product, drop our prices, take a short cut, or (quite likely the worst choice of all) simply move on to something easier.

While knowing when to throw in the towel is certainly a valuable skill, doing it just because things are starting to get a little rough usually isn’t the right call.

Building a business takes time. For the vast majority of us, success doesn’t happen overnight.

Those business owners who were able to weather that initial storm, and the corresponding sleepless nights, are now running the businesses that we’re trying so hard to emulate.

Remember: We can’t follow in their footsteps if we’re skipping over some of the path.

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