Our Students

One of the problems with the home inspection business is that we are often making a “one-and-done” sale. We inspect the house; people buy the house; end of transaction. Yes, we may occasionally get a referral from them or, if we’re in business long enough, see them again when they buy another house. But, for the most part, we really don’t get the benefit of having recurring customers.

So, is there anything we can do to change that?

In “This is Marketing“, author Seth Godin suggests that we can.

“You can produce better by serving the people you market to. Turning them from customers to students. Gaining enrollment. Teaching. Connecting. Step by step, drip by drip.”

By offering our clients more than just a simple inspection report, we can gain enrollment. Give them something extra, teach them about their house, advise them on what the future holds regarding repairs and maintenance, follow up with them on a regular basis, becoming a trusted source of advice.

Turn them into our students, and we transform them into the best brand ambassador we could ever ask for.

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