Trying Something New

All too often in our lives, we’re stubbornly rigid in our thinking. We force the binary choice: this or that.

If we really took some time to think about our options, weighing the pros and cons and having a lively debate (within our own consciousness) about an important issue, we may find that there’s a third option to be considered. Instead of this or that, maybe we could try both for a while.

We’re often so dead set in our ways, fighting tooth and nail against any possible change from ‘the way it’s always been done’ that we miss an opportunity to try something new; something that could end up revitalizing our whole outlook on an issue.

It never hurts to try something new. Progress is being made all the time in every part of our world: someone discovers a new way of doing things that’s light-years ahead of the old way.

Why are we so afraid of trying something new? What’s the worst thing that can happen: we end up not liking the new way and go back to what we were doing before?

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