Smile. A simple action with amazing results.

                I hope that today’s post finds everyone happy, healthy and wearing a smile.  As a matter of fact, smiling will be the topic of today’s conversation.  I recently listened to a TED Talk podcast given by Ron Gutman. Ron is a speaker, writer, advisor, entrepreneur, angel investor and CEO and Founder of Health Tap, an interactive health company.  In his talk, he spoke of the various powers of smiling, many of which were bordering on being unbelievable, but all were the documented results of scientific studies.  If you enjoy podcasts, it is highly enjoyable listening.


Various studies quoted in his talk explain the many benefits of smiling.  People who smile have been shown to have longer life expectancy, reported happier lives, have longer and more fulfilling marriages, and are proven to be more inspiring to others around them.  They have also been proven to be perceived as more likeable, more courteous and more competent by individuals who come in contact with them.

While these are all certainly goals that, should they be achieved, would be welcome results in anyone’s life, we are going to focus on the last three that I stated: perceived likeability, courteousness, and competence.

I have written before about the numerous benefits of being liked and respected by your clients.  These benefits cannot be understated, as they play an enormous role in your success in life as well as in business.  People prefer doing business with people they like, and something as simple as smiling, portraying happiness and contentment in your job, makes it easier for people to like you.

Over the years of inspecting and managing inspectors, I have noticed that most of the problems that arise from home inspections occur when the buyer does not attend the inspection, and does not get to meet and develop any type of interpersonal relationship with the inspector; they aren’t given a chance to like them.  When we like someone, and respect their competence, we will typically have more understanding when they make a mistake.

Buyers that like their inspectors will normally be more understanding and amiable to a fair resolution when problems arise.  If something as simple as wearing a smile can help me to prevent future problems, I’m all for it!

We all have those acquaintances that are difficult to be around; we consider them friends, but their depressing outlook on life makes it a chore to spend time with them.  We all know inspectors like this as well; every time you see them it looks like they have been sucking on a lemon!  We attempt to limit personal interaction with these types of individuals, as it simply is not as enjoyable as being around someone with a happy, energetic and outgoing personality.

Think of your circle of friends and look to the one that brings everyone down.  We all have someone like that in our lives, and if you can’t find that person in your group, you may want to look in the mirror to be sure that it’s not you.

                We all have trial and tribulation in our lives, and putting on a happy disposition is not always easy.  However, the benefits of putting on that happy face are scientifically documented, easy to see in your daily life, and cost you absolutely nothing except a little conscious effort.
Smile­­­­ like your life (and career) depends on it, because it probably does. 🙂


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