Why We Do the Things We Do­­: How Our Motivation Drives Us

                I hope that everyone is well today.  Lately I have been reflecting on my life and my career, so I thought that today we would discuss sources of motivation.  Everyone one of us is motivated by different things: some people are motivated by money, some by fame, some by faith, some by the need to help others.

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Whatever our unique situation, our specific motivation is what drives us to push through each new day.  We should all take a few moments out of our busy schedule to examine our lives, so that we have a more clear understanding about what drives us and serves as our motivation.

One thing that I thoroughly enjoy about being a home inspector is that it allows me to simultaneously indulge my multiple sources of motivation.  Obviously, I work as an inspector because I need to be able to provide for my family, so money is one of my motivators.  However, we should be cognizant of the pitfalls of using money as your main motivator.  It seems to me that the individuals that are driven solely by money are never happy in their lives.  They are constantly striving for more money, never seem to have enough, and fail to enjoy the things in life that make it worth living.

Thankfully, I have many other motivating factors that drive me to succeed.  I thoroughly enjoy helping others, and my home inspection career offers me that opportunity on a daily basis.  I like interacting with other people, and enjoy getting to meet new people at every inspection.  I am enthralled by construction and building techniques, and often come across new methods and ideas that keep me thinking and learning, keeping my mind engaged and motivated with each new home that I inspect.  Satisfying these multiple sources of motivation allows me to enjoy what I do for a living.

I challenge everyone to take a few moments to search within themselves, thinking about what it is that serves as your source of motivation.  This motivation will be different for every one of us, and our sources of motivation may change over the course of our career.  I can easily look ahead and realize that as I get into my golden years, a new motivation will arise and I will be happy that I have home inspection jobs to keep me off the couch and out of the “old folks home.”

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Whatever the source of your motivation, I hope that it leads you to a realization that you are doing a job that you love.  The famous entrepreneur and inventor Steve Jobs said, “The only way to do great work is to love what you do.”  If you enjoy your work, really love what you do, and satisfy multiple sources of motivation at once, your work will cease to be just a job and will become something more in your life, enabling you to become excellent at something that you love.

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