Keep Them Away From Me

Give ’em what they want.

George Jessel

There’s nothing wrong with a business that gives people exactly what they want. We see them all the time. They’re hacks.

According to author Seth Godin, a hack is “a professional who doesn’t care…(who’s) emotionally disconnected… (who is) able to do what the client asks, without regard for how it will impact… his long-term prospects.”

Real professionals, those who take pride in producing their art, often deride the hacks, saying that they’re bringing down their industry.

But, instead of disparaging the hacks, we should be thanking them.

There will always be customers that want a crude and simple product (just as there will always be customers on the other end of the spectrum, who desire the highest quality merchandise available).

If we’re offering the best, pouring out our hearts to make our art, we should be happy that someone’s serving the masses, as it keeps them away from us.

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