Putting the Wrong Foot in Your Mouth

Many small business owners start out on the wrong foot. They begin with the erroneous assumption that they will be able to sell to everyone and they market their business accordingly, trying to reach every single person they can.

Even the largest retailer in the world, Walmart, cannot reach everyone. There are many people out there who have never even seen a Walmart store, and there are others who, even though they’ve seen a Walmart, have made the conscious decision not to shop there.

So, if the biggest retail behemoth on the planet cannot reach everyone, it’s pretty foolish for us to assume that in our small business venture we’d be able to accomplish this gargantuan feat.

Wouldn’t it be much smarter to specifically try to reach only those people who would appreciate what it is we’re selling?

It’s a lot easier to make a small number of specialty products for a very specific customer base than to try and offer an unlimited number of things in a futile attempt to reach everyone in the world.

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