Paying Extra

There are a lot of businesses out there, and a lot of competition (especially around pricing). Most companies, especially new ones, try to hold the line on pricing, to stay consistent (or cheaper) than their competitors. The general consensus is that people won’t pay extra for their product.

And they’re right, people won’t pay extra for the same product.

Then how in the world do those other companies, that charge more money than their competition, stay in business?

It’s because people aren’t paying them extra. They don’t see it that way.

They’re buying a product that’s better, someone who’s more proficient, something that’s of higher quality, the assurance of a more sophisticated encounter, a more interactive experience, or the feeling that their purchase is superior to someone else’s.

People never do pay extra; they pay exactly what it is they believe they should be paying for the product that they desire.

It’s quite difficult to stay in business if you’re not selling something that, one way or another, doesn’t cost extra.

The challenge is figuring out exactly what that extra is and who’s willing to pay for it.

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