Choosing an Honorable Life

We like to think that we always choose to do what’s best for other people: our customers, our friends, our family, the random person we hold the door open for at the supermarket. It’s human nature to want to view ourselves in a good light.

And while we may often (or almost always) do the right thing, there will come a time when we’re faced with a decision: do we do what’s right or do we do what’s easy. Are we going to do the right thing, even though it may be difficult, or are we going to selfishly take the easy way out?

Very few people choose to live their entire lives selfishly thinking of no one else but themselves; most of us want to live an honorable life. But if we’re going to choose an honorable life, we’ve got to do what’s just and fair all the time, even when it seems to be too hard for us to actually do.

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