Break Through

Looking back at it now, it’s simply amazing that I was able to get my business off the ground.

Everything is stacked against us when we first start out. We have no idea what we’re doing, how we’re supposed to do it, or who we’re doing it for.

When we’re reminiscing many years later, with all that uncertainty far behind us, we can fool ourselves into thinking that it was easy.

But, what if we’re not many years later? What if we’re right there, smack dab in the middle of uncertainty? What the hell are we supposed to do, right here, right now?

We’ve got to do the only thing we can: just make it work. Do whatever we have to do. Cobble together whatever resources we can muster, and just get it done. It doesn’t need to be pretty; it doesn’t need to be polished; it doesn’t need to shine. It just needs to get done.

We just need to do enough to break through to the other side.

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