The Race to the Bottom

It’s a race we can’t possible ever win, but that doesn’t keep almost everyone from trying.

No matter how cheap we make our products;

No matter how little we do for our customers;

No matter how close to the minimum standards we tread;

No matter how much we try to squeeze out of less and less,

There’s always someone else willing to go even lower.

We can never win this race, so why even enter?

Why not try something different and start our own race? Why not create a new market, a new product, or a better way of doing things?

It’s pretty simple, when we stop and think about it. Would we rather be fighting the masses to see who can reach the bottom first, or stand alone, with little or no competition, offering something so great that a few people are willing to spend any price to do business with the leader instead of wallowing with the unwashed masses?

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