Better Than Good

It’s hard to compete in today’s world. There are so many options out there for clients to choose from, and they’re easier to reach than ever. Just a few clicks, and they’ve got an overwhelming choice of options available, and most of them are going to be pretty good.

How can we ever hope to compete in a world where there’s so much competition and, quite often, very little difference between the quality of product offered?

(And before you think you can drop your price to corner the market, remember: someone else is always going to be willing to do it cheaper.)

So what’s the solution? If you’re not willing to duke it out in the bargain bin of business, then there’s really only one option: you’ve got to be better than good.

Offering a better (and more expensive) product than your competitors won’t win you all the business, you won’t dominate your market, and the masses won’t be beating down a path to your door. But you will gain one thing: clients who are interested in paying for a product that’s better than good.

And (at least in my book) a higher paying, better quality client beats a misinformed cheapskate every day of the week.

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