Plan Accordingly

It’s tough to grow a small business. If we’re good at what we do, it means that sooner or later, we’re going to be overwhelmed. We’ll be faced with more work than we can handle, not only doing the thing that we do for a living, but also dealing with all the other tasks that come along with running a small business.

We think that if we could just get somebody to take over the part of the job that aggravates us the most (marketing, accounting, answering phones, scheduling, etc.), then we could concentrate on making money!

The problem is that we’re going to want to hire the perfect employee: someone who cares as much as we do, is really good at their job, and is heavily invested in the success of our business.

And face it, that’s probably not going to happen.

If that person was really out there, they would certainly already have a great job. They wouldn’t be waiting around, hoping that a small business owner with a startup company would call and offer them an entry level position.

The reality is that if we do end up hiring someone, they’re probably going to be a lot like us: just starting out and looking to grow their skillset so that they can move up the ladder.

As long as we realize this, we can make it work. We’ve just got to plan accordingly.

There are only two types of employees: ones that are good at their job and will eventually leave for greener pastures, and the ones that you wish would leave.


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