Working Out

Too many of us, in our all-out sprint to achieve success, spend every waking hour working. Doing our job. Prepping for our next job. Working behind the scenes on our business. Marketing our business. Thinking about our business.

All that work can be overwhelming, and will eventually lead to burnout. If we find ourselves stressed, not getting the rush that we once did, unable to work things out, and at a loss for new ideas or the reason why we’re so frazzled, we need to look no further than our own schedule.

Taking time to breathe – making space in our calendar to just do nothing – can work wonders. It gives our mind to slow down, to figuratively catch its breath. And we don’t have to sit there staring blankly into space for this to work. We can enjoy our favorite pastime or hobby, just as long as it’s not work.

We should all make it a priority to schedule some down time on a regular basis. We might be surprised by the things we’re able to work out when we’re not working.

Sometimes doing nothing makes way for everything.

Hiral Nagda

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