Maybe We Are Scared

We all have things that have to get done.

Pay the bills.

Update the accounting books.

Follow up on those emails.

Get things lined up for the next job.

Over and over again…

We don’t really enjoy doing those things that have to get done, but we do them anyway.

Because they have to get done.

Maybe they don’t have to be done by us.

Many of our repetitive tasks can be outsourced (often inexpensively) to someone else (who will likely do a better job at them than we will).

But we keep on doing them.

We tell ourselves that we can’t afford to pay someone else to do them.

But maybe we keep on doing these tasks for a reason other than money.

Maybe we keep doing them because we’re scared.

We’re scared that if we didn’t have all these menial tasks to keep us busy, then we’d have to do the real work that we’ve been putting off all this time.

Maybe, just maybe.

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