Wasting Time

Recent winter storms, and the inevitable power outages that go along with them, remind us that our cities, towns, and municipalities hardly ever spend money to do preventative maintenance, to upgrade their systems before they absolutely have to.

We can attribute some of this to human nature: we often find ourselves so overwhelmed with our day-to-day duties that we rarely ever put aside time to do those things that can make our future lives easier.

But telling ourselves that we’re overwhelmed is a lie; it’s simply a symptom of our lack of organization.

We tell ourselves that we’re too busy. We’ve always got too much on our plate. We’ll never be able to get to it all.

It sounds important, but we’re really just failing to prioritize the difficult, important choices we need to make by fooling around with menial tasks to waste time.

Wasting time: it’s easier than having to make real decisions.

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