Just Wanting It

Starting out in business (or keeping a current business running) can be frustrating.

It seems that no matter how hard we try, we’re just not getting traction. The wheels are spinning round and round but we don’t seem to be going anywhere. And we can’t figure out why.

Maybe our goals are just too lofty and we need to readjust our sights.

Maybe we haven’t been at it long enough to make a dent and we need to slow our roll and adjust our expectations.

Or maybe (and it’s quite likely this one) we’re just not as good as we think we are.

Maybe we need to assess the type of product that we’re offering, and figure out how to make it better.

Maybe we need to learn more about what it is we do and the services that we provide.

Maybe we need to up our game a bit, making our product better than the other businesses in our space.

Maybe we need to learn to love the grind and figure out how to find joy in putting our heart and soul into it.

Even though we want it badly, maybe just wanting it isn’t enough.

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