Wannabes and Pretenders

It seems like every time we do something unique in our business (try a different approach, discover a new method, invent a novel way of doing things), everyone else plays copycat and runs around imitating our idea.

So what do we do?

We get mad about it, scowling, huffing, and stamping our feet in rage.

How dare they! That was my idea, damn it!

And what should we be doing?

Instead of wasting time and energy getting mad about it, we’d be much better off taking a step back, looking over the situation, and coming up with another new idea.

Yes, the wannabes and pretenders are going to imitate our new ideas, too.

But, we’ve only got two choices in this game.

We can be a leader or we can be a follower.

Which one we choose to be is entirely up to us.

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