Tightrope Walking

It can be a difficult thing, running your own business. We’ve got to figure out how to get things to break our way without pissing off the very people that we depend on for our business.

Learning how to do this is an important skill, and one that takes time to develop.

To paraphrase Tim Ferriss (from his amazing book The 4-Hour Workweek), we’ve got to learn to offer solutions to the problems that come up instead of asking everyone else what they think should be done. We’ve got to subtly figure out a way to get the response we want instead of reacting to what others are doing, and, probably most important for a small business owner, we’ve got to figure out how to control the narrative without causing a rift between us and our clients.

Success in owning a business depends much on our ability to walk a tightrope.

Better to start practicing now than end up falling on our butt later.

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