Becoming Valuable

Almost every one of us works for a living. We do what we do to put food on our tables, keep a roof over our heads, and support our families.

We work because it’s what we do.

We selected our chosen profession because it provides us with value: we end up with more money coming in from our enterprise than we had to put out to make it work.

We end up benefitting from the job that we do.

But, surprisingly enough, we’re not the only ones who benefit. Our clients also benefit from the work that we do.

The sole reason our customers come to us is for the benefit that we’re able to provide. We can do something they can’t (or if they do possess the ability to do our job, we can do it better, cheaper, and/or faster than they can).

If we stop to think about it, no matter what our business cards say we do, we’re really in the business of creating value.

The more value we create, the more valuable we then become.

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