Treat Them Accordingly

We may not realize it (especially if we’re new to an industry), but it cost money to get clients. There’s the cost involved in getting educated, becoming licensed or certified, buying insurance, setting up our website, marketing to get our name out there, answering calls and emails, paying for whatever software and hardware we’re using, getting around town, following up with our customers, keeping our license/certification up to date, and countless other expenses that are built into our daily grind.

With all these sunk costs, you’d think that we’d be treating every one of our clients like royalty.

But, alas, it’s often not so. Many of us have websites that are difficult to navigate, voicemails that sound like we’re uninterested in communicating, secretaries that give the impression that they’re being bothered by a customer’s phone call, and products that scream we don’t give a damn about your user experience.

If we stop and think about how much it really cost us to get someone in the front door, maybe we’d remember how valuable they really are and treat them accordingly.

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