The Real Tragedy

We all like to think that we’re an original. That we’ve come up with some great idea that’s unique, that’s special, that no one in the history of mankind has ever thought of before.

And, the vast majority of us would be wrong.

…There is nothing new under the sun.

The Bible; Old Testament; Ecclesiastes 1:9

Hell, even that quote is old as dirt (and likely plagiarized).

Many people spend their lives worrying that someone is going to steal their ideas. They spend countless hours and massive amounts of energy trying to protect their methods and concepts. When, in reality, it’s quite likely all they did was take someone else’s idea and tweak it a bit, adding in their own style and panache.

In reality, if our business really does become profitable, everyone is going to copy what it is we’re doing anyway. Why reinvent the wheel when someone else has already laid down the tracks?

We should be happy when others want to emulate what it is we’re doing; that’s a sure sign of success. If no one wanted to copy what we’re doing, that would be the real tragedy.

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