Don’t Be a Tool

We’ve all heard the old axiom about using the right tool for the job. If we’ve ever worked with our hands, we know that the right tool makes the job easier, saves us time, and can keep us from getting injured.

Then why is it so hard for some of us to use the right tool?

All too often, like everything else in our lives, it comes down to one thing: fear.

We’re afraid to spend the money. We’re afraid to have to learn something new. We’re afraid that it won’t work like we want. We’re afraid it will be hard. We’re afraid of looking stupid because we can’t figure out something new.

That’s it, really. We’re afraid.

We’ll keep on using our same old phone, computer, device, software program, or app until it craps out and we’ve got no choice but to upgrade. And then it’s too late to take our time to learn something new. We’re under the gun, and become frustrated because this new thing doesn’t work exactly like our old thing.

We’re pissed off; we’re aggravated; we’re frustrated. This stupid thing doesn’t work!

We really should be pissed off at ourselves for ignoring the warning signs and not getting a jump on learning something new while we had the time, before all hell broke loose…

Take a chance. Try doing it differently. Try learning something new. Try stepping out of that comfort zone.

If we struggle a bit now, we may reap the benefits for a long, long time.

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