The Only Thing

One of the biggest concerns (especially for new small business owners) is how to stay competitive with their pricing. They think that if their prices are too out of line with what “everyone else” is charging, they’ll end up losing business to their cheaper competitors.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

Think about it. If price was the only thing that mattered, we’d all be eating every one of our meals at McDonald’s and Burger King.

But we don’t, do we?

Yes, we may occasionally stuff ourselves with the grease and empty calories peddled by these mass market food vendors, but, more often than not, we’re choosing to eat somewhere more expensive.

Why would we chose to spend more money, if the cheapest food around is right there in front of us?

Maybe price isn’t the only thing that matters.

Once you’ve separated yourself from “the competition,” you don’t have to worry about staying “competitive.”

Melanie Hodgdon;

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