Spreading Ourselves Too Thin

Are we disappointed when we go to a concert and it’s too loud for us to get some reading done?

Do we get upset when we can’t get a hamburger from the teller at our bank’s drive through lane?

No, we don’t.

We’re expecting a specific outcome from those interactions, and we’re not disappointed in the least (well, the hamburger thing would be pretty cool; although I’m not sure about shooting it through that little tube thing…) when we get what it is we came for. We’re not surprised that the bank doesn’t serve food or a rock concert is a poor place to seek out peace and quiet.

Giving someone exactly what it is they’re looking for is a tried and true business model. Targeting a specific clientele and delivering on a promise is great way of operating.

That’s something that we can work with.

Trying to be everything to everyone and spreading ourselves too thin to make an impact… not so much.

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