Giving or Taking

Mass marketing is everywhere. It takes us two minutes to compose an email that gets sent to hundreds (thousands?) of potential customers. It takes them longer to read what we’ve sent than it took us to create and send it.

We’re stealing time from our target market; taking instead of giving.

What if we did things differently?

What if, instead of mindlessly spamming every email address we get our hands on, we spent a little time reaching out and connecting with those clients that we value?

Maybe we create some awesome content that will make them a bit more informed. Maybe we spend some of our own precious time writing out a personal note by hand, sending it the old-fashioned way, through the mail.

What if we tried our hardest to give instead of take?

Think about how we feel when we’re spammed, have an inbox full of junk mail, or get that phone call from a telemarketer just as we sit down to dinner. Not too happy, right?

Now think about how we feel when someone we do business with goes out of their way to tell us how much they appreciate our business.

Guess which one of these feelings helps solidify a business relationship? Giving instead of taking is always a good move for our future.

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