Successful Suffering

We live in a world with many problems, and all too often we conjure up more obstacles than actually even exist. Whether these imagined problems become real depends on how we choose to react to them.

When we were young, we lived in an idealistic state, believing that every problem had a binary solution, and could be fixed by a snap of our fingers.

While this may hold true for some of the really basic difficulties we face in life (like choosing which coffee shop to drive through), the sad reality is that most of the problems we face on a daily basis are multifaceted, and snapping one’s fingers simply won’t make them go away.

It can be said that a sign of maturity is one’s ability to understand that our current predicament didn’t simply develop overnight, so a workable solution isn’t going to magically appear either.

Success takes time, and more often than not, suffering too.

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