The Big Stuff

We’re taught to be afraid of the big one in our business.

The lawsuit.

The investigation by our licensing entity.

Being hounded by our enemies, our competitors, or some local news organization with a camera in our face.

We’re scared of those momentous, earth-shattering incidents, just like homeowners are afraid of being blasted by a life-changing, catastrophic event.

In reality, our home is more likely to suffer damage from slow decay and negligence than it is to be leveled by a hurricane or tornado.

Ignoring the small stuff, silently taking over like a maliciously spreading cancer, can be a recipe for disaster.

Don’t sweat the small stuff, they tell us?


Don’t sweat the big stuff.

We should always keep an eye out for the big stuff, but we’ve got to be on constant guard against the small stuff.

Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff usually takes care if itself.

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