24 hours. That’s it. We’ve all got the same amount of time in a day.

How we choose to allocate that time is what’s different about us, as we all have our own priorities. While countless studies and research shows us that it’s always best to have balance in our lives, we’re the ones who ultimately decide where our focus lies.

Some of us value family time the most. Some people make their health and fitness a priority. Some put faith and spirituality above all else. For some people, money trumps everything else in their lives.

If we choose money as our main goal, we often find ourselves in a time crunch, as we’ve only got so many hours in a day to do inspections. We maximize our schedule, trying to jam as many appointments as possible in a day. We’re running and gunning, getting out of there as quickly as we can so we’re not late for our next appointment.

In the short term, that’s a great way to run a business; make as much money as we can as quickly as possible!

But, are we trying to build a business for the short term? Is this just a get-rich-quick scheme, or are we planning on doing this for a while? Is this a summer fling, or is this a career that we can see lasting a lifetime?

Wouldn’t it make more sense, in the long term, to slow down and give ourselves time to get to know our customers? After all, if we’re planning on being here for a while, we’re going to be counting on them to help us grow our business through positive feedback, reviews, and referrals.

Instead of making them feel like a one-night-stand, used up and tossed aside like yesterday’s leftovers, why not try to make them feel special, like they’re the most important customer in your business?

Because you never know, they just might be.

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