Slow Down

In a job like being a home inspector, we’re required to make judgement calls on thousands of items every day. We’re required to document our decisions using some sort of computer program and relay them to our clients.

Sometimes, as is often the case when inputting data into a program, mistakes are made. We click something we didn’t mean to. We swipe left instead of right. We choose the wrong picture from the gallery. Little mistakes. We didn’t mean to do that, it just happens sometimes.

And then we’re hung out to dry because we “fat-fingered” the wrong check box.

We feel persecuted because of one little error we made. We ask, “What about all this correct information I’ve provided?” “Why focus on just this one mistake?”

But if we stop to think about it, there really is a simply way to fix this, and it’s pretty clear.

Just slow down and do a better job.

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