Samsung Note 8

I’ve recently switched to a new home inspection software program, and wanted to be sure that I had an up to date phone to run my software. But, I didn’t want to add another phone to my (already too expensive) cell plan.

Enter the Note 8. Big enough to be able to use my software and type without “fat-fingering” every checkbox. Advanced cameras to help me take the best pics for my report. Enough processor speed to keep my new program from lagging. It even comes with a stylus, to help with data entry.

note 8 phone for home inspections

So, why do I use a different phone for my home inspections?

Why not just use my current cell phone?

For a couple of reasons:

  • New home inspection software programs are battery hogs, and I can’t afford to run out of battery life on an inspection
  • I can load my software on my Note 8 as well as my current phone. That way, if I drop my Note 8 off the roof (or in the toilet), I can always finish my inspection on my (backup) regular phone
  • And probably the most important reason, by using the Note 8 for nothing but home inspections, the predictive text feature learns only my home inspection words. This makes it much faster to enter my inspection info, as the phone already knows the words and phrases that I use regularly. I enter one or two letters and the phone shows me what I want to type. Done.

All I do is turn on the wifi-hotspot on my regular phone and sync it to the wifi on my Note 8. Easy uploads to the cloud, with no extra cell service plan to pay. And all for less than the price of one home inspection.