Playing It Safe

Doing home inspections is not safe. Something bad might happen. In fact, sooner or later, it probably will.

Driving to an inspection is not safe. We could get in a wreck, or worse. One of my coworkers died driving to work one morning. We all know dozens or hundreds or thousands of ways that an angry person can wreak havoc. Pushing your product is not safe. We might (in fact we will) be rejected. Speaking up is not safe. People might be offended. Innovating, doing something different from the way it’s always been done, isn’t safe. We might fail. Perhaps in spectacular fashion.

Now that we’ve gotten all that out the way, what are we going to do about it?

Do we hide in the corner, trying as hard as we can to keep our head down, making no waves, doing the best we can to just blend into the crowd?

Face it, that’s not safe either.

We might as well step out there and so something that matters instead.

Paraphrased from the writings of Seth Godin in the book Poke the Box

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