A Revision

It’s tough for us to admit when we’re wrong.

We think it’s not cool.

We’re told it’s not powerful.

We believe that it makes people less confident in our abilities.

We fell like it diminishes us in the eyes of our customers.

(Being honest about our limitations does none of these things, by the way.)

Even if we’re deathly afraid to admit we screwed something up, it’s a problem that every one of us is going to have to face, eventually.

So, why not figure out a way to do it gracefully?

By saying something like “In light of this new information, I’m going to have to revise my previous statement” we show that we’re smart enough to learn something new while being confident enough to adjust our convictions.

It’s all in the way we phrase things.

At least that’s what this new information is telling me.

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