We Got Rejected

As a business owner, and as a human, we fear rejection. We worry all the time about not sealing the deal. We hate being rejected. We’re often crushed when it happens, believing that someone else doesn’t think that we’re good enough for them.

Rejection can have a long-lasting, detrimental effect on us. It’s only natural for us to assume that the person that’s rejecting us has looked at what we have to offer, examined our body of work, done an in-depth analysis of what it is we bring to the table, and decided that we didn’t measure up to their standards.

Being rejected like that is enough to crush your soul.

In reality, that person, the one who rejected us, probably didn’t even take two minutes to check us out. They were probably too busy. They were likely stressed out. Maybe they just had an argument with a friend, coworker, boss, or significant other. The last thing they want to think about right now is us.

It’s quite likely that their lives are just like ours: too much to do and not enough time to get it all done.

In our minds, we view their rejection as an affront to our honor and a blow to our moral character.

When, in reality, they likely just blew us off.

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