Questioning the Question

We all ask questions. It’s one of the main ways that humans exchange information with each other, and our customers are no different. (And yes, our customers are human.)

For better or worse, we’ve got to be able to answer our clients’ questions. It’s one of the requirements to running a successful business. And the sooner we know what questions they’re going to ask, the better off we’ll be.

But, sometimes people ask things to gather information that has absolutely nothing to do with the answer to their question.

Maybe they’re trying to judge our intelligence. Maybe they’re wondering how experienced we are. Maybe they’re checking to see how we respond to a little bit of pressure. Maybe they want to understand how well we communicate. Maybe they’re just trying to figure out if we even give a damn about them and their situation.

Yes, we’ve got to be able to answer their questions, but it’s even more important to understand the reason behind the riddle.

And for that, we’ve actually got to give a damn.

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