Pretty Easy

As small business owners, we’re called on to provide our clients with information that they likely didn’t know before they hired us.

In the role of “all-knowing sage” to our customers, it’s easy to fall into the trap of talking over their heads, offering them specialized information that’s second nature to us but often Greek to them.

While we know a lot of specialized information about our industry, and can easily discuss these things with others in our field, our clients likely have no idea what we’re talking about. They can quickly become frustrated when we spout off about things they don’t understand.

Are we really doing our best by leaving our clients (who’ve paid us good money for our services) more confused than they were before they met us?

After all, the reason they hired us was because we possess specialty knowledge that they don’t, and they needed us to let them know what it is they don’t know.

They already know that they don’t understand our world, that’s why they hired us: to interpret it for them. We’ve got to make sure that we’re able to explain things in language our clients can understand.

Leaving them just as confused as before we started, just because we’re too lazy to work a little harder, is a recipe for disaster.

Unsatisfied clients rarely leave good reviews.

And I can promise you, those bad reviews will be pretty easy to understand.

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