9-Pocket Magnetic Tool Pouch

OK, I’ll always admit when I make a mistake. (And boy, that’s a lot of admitting…)

For 16 long years, I lugged around my tool bag everywhere I went on my inspection. Inside, outside, on top of and underneath. My tool bag went with me everywhere. Hell, I need those tools to do my inspection.

Finally, I made the move. I bought this little side pouch. Just to give it a shot. I didn’t really think I would stop carrying my big, heavy tool bag. I mean, I really do need all those tools, don’t I?

home inspection tool pouch

Well, I was wrong. I still have my tool bag, but I set it down at the front of the house and pull a few specialty tools out when I need them. I keep my 9-pocket magnetic tool pouch clipped on my belt at all times.

It keeps handy the small number of tools that I am constantly using during my inspection: screwdriver, outlet tester, extension mirror, small channel-locks, voltage sniffer, small tape measure, voltage tester and pocket knife. I keep a few business cards in the front pocket, and it has a magnet on the front to hold onto those pesky electric panel cover.

And, now that I’m not lugging that 20 pound tool bag around the whole inspection, my back had never felt better!

There are a few different styles available on Amazon. Check them out and get one today. Your back will thank you!