Play the Game

No one likes getting pitched. Cold-calls during dinner. Marketing emails delivered right to our desktop. Ads jumping right into our social media feed. Junk mail landing in our mail box. It’s all around us, and we hate it.

Until, that is, it solves a problem.

Whenever there’s something we like, want, or need, and someone’s pitch scratches that specific itch, the clouds part, the universe lines up, the angels sing, and that pitch works as intended. It’s marketing gold (from their point of view, anyway).

We may think we’re bothering people. We may get tired of getting rejected. We may dread shaking hands and kissing babies. We may be repulsed by the thought of having to market our business again.

But, if we’re fortunate enough to be in front of that client (or front of their mind) exactly when they need our services, well, that’s the reason we’re playing the game.

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