Our Own Philosophy

Philosophy is divided into knowledge and state of mind.


I’ve been reading Letters From a Stoic and came across this quote. While philosophy may not strike most people as interesting, the quote got me thinking about my job as a professional home inspector, and how such a quote could easily be applied to what we do for a living.

It’s pretty easy to change up this quote so that it reads “Home inspection is divided into knowledge and state of mind.”

If we’ve made it this far in our careers, it’s obvious that we possess the knowledge needed to be successful. The only thing that separates the productive business owners from the pretenders is their state of mind.

We’re directly responsible for our level of success, and quite often the only thing standing between us and our goals is the story we tell ourselves about whether or not we can achieve them.

It’s all about our state of mind, and its up to us to figure our who’s going to govern our state. We’re the only one’s who have the power to decide whether we’re ruled by fear or fortitude.

We’ve got to remember to exercise the power to rule our own mind.

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