Always remember that you are absolutely unique. Just like everyone else.

Margaret Mead

The worst thing we can do is to forget that everyone is different.

None of our clients come to us with our knowledge. They don’t know what we know. If they did, then they wouldn’t need us, would they?

They’re hiring us because we know something that they don’t, and we’re paid based on our ability to somehow, against all odds, get them to understand something that they know little about.

We’re paid to help make the complex simple. The explain the unexplainable. To get them to realize the things they cannot see and grasp ideas they simply don’t understand. We get paid to make things easier for our clients; to guide them towards their chosen finish line.

The most important part of being a guide is remembering what our job is. We’ve got to be able to understand who we’re working with, recognize what knowledge our clients bring to the table, and adjust our delivery accordingly.

We’ve got to be able to play to our audience.

No two people are the same. Treating them that way is a sure path to the unemployment office.

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