How Much Do We Pay

It’s not something that we often think about (because we’re too busy to stop and ponder life), but we are obviously products of our era and everything we do is optimized for speed.

We try desperately to finish everything on our to do list as quickly as possible.

So we can move onto the next thing.

And while our weekly trip to the grocery store suffers little from doing it quickly, many things in our lives (especially when it comes to creating products that we’re selling to our customers) could benefit from us slowing down.

We really don’t do it enough to think about, but often if we simply take our time when we’re doing something, we might notice things that usually pass by on the outskirts of our attention.

We may find those things we notice enjoyable.

We might discover something amazing.

Perhaps, we may well find that things are better than we thought.

And all we’ve got to do is slow down and pay attention.

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