The Road Less Traveled

Some things we do are good for our future, creating opportunities and opening new doors. It might be hard the first time we stand in front of everyone to give that presentation, step up on that podium, or put our stuff out there for everyone to see, but the tenth time we do it is easier. And by the twentieth time, the bright lights probably don’t even phase us anymore.

Other things we do may be good for us in the short run, but don’t really offer much benefit down the road. But we do them anyway, because they’re cheap and easy. Get in, get out, slap our hands together and we’re done.

The path of least resistance is always well-worn.

But the titans of industry, the really successful ones, those people that we look to for inspiration and try to model ourselves (and our businesses) after, for some reason we never meet them when we’re traveling on the path of least resistance.

They’re taking chances, forging their own paths, doing the difficult work that leads to more opportunities and opens new doors.

The paths are already there, laid out before us, just waiting for us to decide which way we’re going to go.

Are we going to play it safe and take the easy road, or do we muster the courage needed to risk it and take the road less traveled?

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