Living in the Past

We hear a lot in the news about creatures that are going extinct. It’s often sad that a cute little animal won’t be around anymore for future generations to enjoy, but it’s a harsh fact of life: things that are not able to adapt to changes in their environment get left behind.

This rule applies to our businesses as well. The things we took for granted all those years ago, the steps that have become ingrained in our process, the things that we do without even giving them a second thought, they may have been important way back when, but are they still?

Just because we’ve “always done it that way” doesn’t mean that we’ve got to keep up the tradition.

All those new people aren’t including those antiquated steps in their process, and they’re businesses seem to be chugging along just fine.

We need to regularly take a look at our processes and figure out if we’re doing things because they’re helping our business or just because the nostalgia makes us feel good.

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