Eyes Wide Open

Many business owners decide to take the plunge, making the decision to grow their business.

While there’s nothing inherently wrong with wanting to grow your business, it’s best to make sure that we’re going in with our eyes wide open.

There are some important questions that we’ve got to ask ourselves before making that decision:

Are we comfortable with our current work load, or do we believe that we’ve got more time available in our life to spend on our business?

Is this something that we’re going to be able to accomplish on our own, or are we going to have to start building a team to handle the increased business?

Do we currently have the resources to be able to grow our footprint, or will we have to borrow money to gain market share?

Are we blessed with the patience and temperament to be able to handle the bigger workload?

While growing our business seems like a great idea (and oftentimes it is), we’ve got to make sure that we are making a decision based on sound research and well thought out deliberation.

Sometimes bigger is better, but sometimes it’s not.

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